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July Update: What's Happening This Month

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In our first monthly update we're bringing you news on the progress we've been making and the good things that are coming your way later this month: new efforts to let you know how things are going behind the scenes, helpful information on how to use Group Complete, more updates to the Inform app and the upcoming launch of our premium paid plans & services!

Before we get to the details we want to take a minute to thank all of the hundreds of people who have given Group Complete a try and to those who are using it in the real world. We're excited about your interest and ever appreciative of the support you've given us. We want to make your data collection efforts a cakewalk and we're here to help so whether you have questions about how to use Group Complete, problems doing so or other comments, please give us a shout. We want to hear from you!

You'll Be Hearing More From Us!

As we draw to the close of our open beta we're coming out from behind our desks with one goal in mind: we want to do a better job of communicating with you! Starting this month and for every month after we'll be updating you on what's going on behind the scenes, changes and new things happening with Group Complete. These updates will come from our blog, a monthly email newsletter and a new component we'll be adding soon to the Help & Support section of our website: a detailed list of new releases and updates to the Inform app and Group Complete services.

As you hear more from us we're hoping that we'll hear more from you. Your thoughts on data collection and experiences with Group Complete matter to us. You can reach us anytime at and we encourage you to reach out and chat with us.

We're Expanding Help & Support

During the next few weeks we'll be investing time and energy to bring heaps of useful information to the Help & Support area of the Group Complete website. You'll soon find our help pages organized into several tidy sections including information applicable to beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Having data collection woes? Rest easy knowing that help is on the way.

Inform for Android is going into overdrive!

With the recent release of support for all versions of Android 2.3, we will be entering into a bi-weekly release schedule for our Inform app with updates coming on the 15th and last day of every month (and sometimes more often than that!). You'll be able to find detailed information on each and every release in the soon-to-be-added Recent Changes section of our Help & Support area.

If you find a bug with Inform we don't want you to wait: tell us about it immediately and we'll do our best to get you a bug fix as soon as possible.

Paid Plans Coming Soon!

For those of you who are looking to use Group Complete in bigger and better ways we're bringing you paid plans & new pricing in a little under four weeks. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming launch of Group Complete's paid plans & services.

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Group Complete

Group Complete was discontinued in March 2012 due to a change in direction at Radical Dynamic. This website has been kept intact as a sample of Group Complete's technology portfolio.

Source code for the Group Complete Android app has been published to Please be sure to read the README file if you intend on releasing derivative works!

Visit or follow @radicaldynamic for updates on other projects by Radical Dynamic.

Thank you for your interest in Group Complete!

Matt Adams
Founder, Radical Dynamic, @stuffbymatt