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We believe in making great software that enables you to perform effective and efficient information gathering and we believe that our customers are our best partners. Help us make a difference by partnering with us to help Love146 end child sex slavery and exploitation.

Group Complete will donate $1 to Love146 for each new mobile device added to one of our premium plan subscriptions.

Need to deploy 30 new devices? No problem. We'll donate $30 when you make your order.

But enough about us. Love146 is fighting for those who can't fight for themselves and we're proud to support them. Just what does Love146 do to battle sexual slavery and exploitation?

"The complex influences of culture, religion, economics and politics require a thoughtful, committed response. Love146 has initiated two core program areas to combat the issue of child sex slavery and exploitation, Prevention and Aftercare. In addition, Love146 works to grow a body of Research on the issue to enhance the knowledge base for the communities we serve, our partners and our work."


We encourage you to visit their website at and find out more about their mission, work and results.

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Group Complete

Group Complete was discontinued in March 2012 due to a change in direction at Radical Dynamic. This website has been kept intact as a sample of Group Complete's technology portfolio.

Source code for the Group Complete Android app has been published to Please be sure to read the README file if you intend on releasing derivative works!

Visit or follow @radicaldynamic for updates on other projects by Radical Dynamic.

Thank you for your interest in Group Complete!

Matt Adams
Founder, Radical Dynamic, @stuffbymatt