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Features that will bring your team together.

Group Complete is built to solve real-world problems and empower you to Mobilize, Collect, Collaborate and Act.

Group Complete & Group Complete Mobile (GC Mobile) provides a wealth of functionality that will take your data collection efforts to the next level. Contact us if you have questions about deploying Group Complete technology with your team.

Please note that some features are still under development & testing and will be released as soon as possible. Look for this mark to identify features under development:

Mobile synchronization Collaborative Data Collection

Group Complete offers Simple Sharing: a unique data collection feature that allows mobile workers to transparently and seamlessly share in-progress and completed work in real-time.

Simple Sharing is an easy and effective process that reduces double entry, increases team cooperation and will revolutionize the way you work.

  • Organize related forms and data into folders for different projects and purposes
  • Create private folders to store forms and data for your own use
  • Create shared folders to store forms and data for use by all team members
  • Restrict shared folders to specific team members
  • Define flexible policies that control how shared folders are used:
    • Shared-everything: draft and completed forms may be viewed and modified by team members
    • Read-everything: draft and completed forms may be viewed by team members but may only be modified by the team member who started the form
    • Traditional data collection: draft forms are available only to the team members who started them, completed forms are accessible only to the folder owner (owner may or may not make modifications to the completed forms according to folder policy)
    • Mixed policies: allow team members to collaborate on draft forms, completed forms may be viewed by team members but not modified once marked as complete
    • Support for other custom policies covering a broad range of workflows
  • Automatic conflict detection & an intelligent resolution workflow ensuring that data is never lost due to simultaneous changes to the same records, regardless of who made them and whether the users were online or offline at the time.
  • Receive automatic notifications of pertinent changes to folders, forms and data via the GC Mobile app and/or email; route notices to the people that need them

Drive Data Entry With Work-Assignment

Group Complete enables task driven data collection by allowing you to quickly create forms and assign them to your mobile workers. The Form Import Wizard combines form templates with information imported from CSV Files to create prepopulated forms from existing data.

  • Optionally supply basic properties for new forms (form name, status and assignment) from data in the CSV file
  • Optionally prepopulate fields supplied by the template from information contained in the CSV file
  • A simple interface allows your mobile workers to quickly locate assigned forms and provides a list of work-pending and work-completed

(Data prepopulated from CSV files is similar to defaults used in templates but may differ from form to form)

Mobile Everything

Perform all of the major functions of data collection from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Don't be tied down to a desktop or heavy laptop - Group Complete goes beyond traditional one-way data collection systems by allowing you to work with new, draft or completed forms even while offline!

  • Create a Group Complete account and register additional mobile devices without having to rely on a separate web interface
  • Remotely provision new mobile devices and deploy forms and data to your workers anytime, anywhere
  • Manage the mobile devices involved in your deployment
    • Use aliases to identify which mobile devices are assigned to which team members
    • Associate mobile devices with team member email addresses
    • Be notified of changes to devices registered with your account via email
    • Remotely revoke account access to specific devices & wipe GC Mobile data
    • Use roles to help classify the mobile devices in your deployment and control which features of Group Complete are available to your users
  • Build and share new forms on the go with the integrated and easy-to-use form editor
  • Export data from your mobile device to CSV and XML! SQL export coming soon!
  • Exported data may be saved to your mobile device's external storage (SD card) or sent immediately using email or Bluetooth
  • Bring your forms and data with you by selecting some or all of your data set for offline use. Synchronized folders will be kept up-to-date in the background while also providing you with fast access to the data stored on your device.
  • Work online or offline; changes made while offline will automatically synchronize with the master copy when an Internet connection is available
  • Fault-tolerant data transfer with the ability to resume interrupted synchronization
  • Remote workers may use WiFi, wireless cellular networks, satellite or wired network connections to transfer data

Powerful Smart Forms

The GC Mobile app for Android takes advantage of the XForms standard to build and display interactive forms and to collect form data. GC Mobile supports the following field types for data collection:

  • Free-form text input GPS pinpoint on mobile phone
  • Numeric data (integers & decimals)
  • Select one and/or multiple items from a list using a variety of list interfaces
  • Yes/No questions
  • Date & time selection, timestamp capture
  • GPS coordinates capture & display on Google Maps
  • Audio capture & playback
  • Image capture & display
  • Video capture & playback
  • Drawable area that can capture signatures or allow freehand sketching of drawings and diagrams
  • Barcode scan & capture supporting all major barcode types (UPC-A and UPC-E; EAN-8 and EAN-13; Code 39, 128; QR Code; ITF; Codabar; RSS-14, all variants; Data Matrix; PDF 417, alpha quality; Aztec, alpha quality)
  • Display form text in multiple languages as defined by the form author

An Integrated Form Builder

The GC Mobile app for Android features an easy-to-use form editor with native support for XForms. Build and share your forms on the go or import them from one of the many XForms editors or an ODK Aggregate server.

Make your form authoring experience effective with the following advanced features.

  • Give input fields (also known "questions") meaningful labels, descriptions & instructions
  • Flag questions as "read-only" for captions and values that must be present and visible to the mobile worker but should never be changed
  • Supply default answers for questions
  • Ensure that important input is not missed by flagging questions as "required"
  • Optionally supply user-defined XML field names for collected data
  • Produce better organized forms by placing related questions into "groups"
  • Further organize forms by selecting to display one or more questions per screen
  • Prompt users to answer one or more questions as many times as needed using "repeated groups"
  • Quickly and easily populate single & multiple select lists by importing CSV files containing list data
  • Translate labels, questions and prompts into multiple languages
  • Incorporate custom business rules using advanced features:
    • Skip or include questions based on responses to other questions (decision trees)
    • Calculate values based on user-supplied responses (e.g., prices or penalty fares)
    • Ensure valid data by declaring input parameters using regular expressions
    • Define hidden fields to store automatically captured data or calculated values
    • Automatically record the device location where a form is started and/or completed
    • Automatically record the date and time when a form is started and/or completed

Distributing forms to your workforce is as easy as building or importing the form and copying it to a shared folder.

Management Minded

We're working to provide you with real-time management overviews of your data collection efforts. If information is the lifeblood of your organization then put your fingers on the pulse with Group Complete.

  • Upload collected data to an ODK Aggregate server
  • Export collected data into multiple formats directly from your smartphone or tablet
  • Event-based information feeds and map overlays provide a real-time overview of the location, progress & data output of your mobile workers in the field
  • Export form metadata (e.g., mobile worker location and date & time of data capture) into 3rd party systems for extended analysis
  • Provide location-based awareness to your mobile workers in the field so that they can benefit from knowing where their team members are at any given time
  • More management features under development!
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Security from the Ground Up

  • All data transferred between your mobile devices and our servers (or yours!) is secured by 128-bit SSL encryption
  • Optional encrypted storage of Group Complete data on your mobile device

No-Headache Deployments

With Group Complete there is no need to invest in expensive hardware. Use your existing compatible smartphones and tablets or choose compatible low-cost Android devices from a variety of vendors. Please see System Requirements for details.

  • Use our free or paid plans - we take care of the servers. You can be on your way to effective mobile data collection in 60 seconds.
  • Use Group Complete Enterprise Edition to host your own data collection solution
  • Rest easy knowing that you can expand as needed: begin with our free or paid plans and if needed, migrate to Group Complete Enterprise Edition without downtime
  • Need to switch mobile devices? GC Mobile is mobile device agnostic so upgrading or changing the mobile devices registered to your team members is a painless operation.
  • Software updates to the GC Mobile app are sent to your remote mobile devices via the Internet so your team members stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements wherever they are

Compatible with Open Data Kit & XForms Workflows

The GC Mobile app for Android is based in part on the Open Data Kit (ODK) project. Group Complete is fully compatible with ODK Aggregate as well as forms built for ODK Collect making Group Complete a powerful addition to any ODK workflow.

Group Complete uses XForms for form definition and storage of collected data making it ideal for integration into any other XForms-based solution.

Group Complete

Group Complete was discontinued in March 2012 due to a change in direction at Radical Dynamic. This website has been kept intact as a sample of Group Complete's technology portfolio.

Source code for the Group Complete Android app has been published to Please be sure to read the README file if you intend on releasing derivative works!

Visit or follow @radicaldynamic for updates on other projects by Radical Dynamic.

Thank you for your interest in Group Complete!

Matt Adams
Founder, Radical Dynamic, @stuffbymatt