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Creating and Editing Form Templates

Much like a paper-based form waiting to be filled out, a form template determines which questions are asked, the order and organization of the questions and the types of data that will be gathered by the form. This article will guide you through the basics of creating your first form.

A detailed look at building forms with Group Complete Mobile may be found in the Form Editor Guide.

Step #1: Choose a folder

Before you create a new form template choose the folder that you want to create it in. New templates are created in the currently selected folder as displayed in the form browser. If the folder that you want to create the template in is not selected, choose another folder from the list. Once the folder name that you want appears at the top of the form browser you can proceed to step #2.

If you want to build your form and test before distributing it to your team you can create it in a private folder and copy it to a shared folder once you are happy with it.

Don't worry if you happen to accidentally create a template in the wrong folder. To copy a form to another folder, select and hold the name of the form that should be copied until the context menu appears and choose Copy to Folder from the list of options.

Step #2: Create a new template

Once the name of the folder that you want to use is shown at the top of form browser, open the option menu and choose Add Template. A dialog window will appear where you can enter the name of the new template. A short, descriptive name of no more than three or four words is generally best.

For the purposes of this tutorial, enter the name "Geo Tagger."

Step #3: Adding fields

The main screen of the template editor displays the list of fields in the order that they will be presented to the person who fills out the form. A newly created template has no fields and the message "nothing available to display" will appear in their stead.

To add a new field to the template, open the option menu and select Add Field. A menu will appear with all of the major field types. Adding a new field is as simple as selecting an item from this list. If you do not want to add a new field you can use the back button on your Android device to close the list.

Click on the following screenshots for a walkthrough of adding a new field.

Select Add Field

Insert a Media field

Label the media field "Take a picture"

Once you have given the media field a label, press the back button to add the field and return to the list of fields in the template.

Repeat this process twice more by adding a geopoint field labelled "Location of picture" and a text field labelled "Description of image" until your template looks like the screenshot to the right.

When you are finished with your template, press the back button again. When prompted to close the form editor, select Save Changes to return to the form browser. If you do not see your new form template in the browser, select Start New Form from the task selector at the bottom of the browser.

That's it! You've created your first form template! We recommend playing with the form editor until you are comfortable with creating new forms. Let us know if you have any questions or see the Form Editor Guide for more information on using the form editor.

Basics Continued

Removing fields

To remove a field, select and hold the field's position toggle and drag it to the right side of your mobile device's screen. As you approach the right side of the screen the field will fade and eventually disappear. Release your finger when the field has begun to fade or has disappeared entirely and the template editor will confirm whether you really want to remove the field.

Working with group fields

Instead of asking questions directly, special fields called "groups" are used to organize one or more fields into related sections, whether those fields should be repeated or displayed all at once on a single screen.

When a group is selected the template editor will open the group, display the fields contained by it and adjust the breadcrumb at the top of the screen to reflect your new location in the form. To return to the previous location, select the Go Up button at the bottom of the screen. This will either return you to the top of the form or another group if the parent of the current location is also a group.

Click on the following screenshots for a group navigation walkthrough.

Select a group to access it's contents

The Go Up button leaves the group

And returns to the previous position

Unlike regular fields, the contents of a group must be removed before the group can be removed. Also, the form editor will not allow you to save a template that has an empty group (empty groups serve no purpose in a form).

What's Next?

Congratulations on creating your first form! Now let's put it to use and fill it out!

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