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Filling Out & Resuming Forms

This article will guide you through filling out a new form and resuming an existing one. This tutorial uses the form that was created in Creating Form Templates but the concepts apply well to any template.

Step #1: Open folder & select template

To begin filling out a new form open the folder that your template is stored in, choose Start New Form from the task selector at the bottom of the screen and select the name of the template that you want to use to make a new form from.

Make note of the icons to the left of the template names and draft/complete tallies: they change depending on the task that is currently selected and provide a visual hint of what will happen when you select an entry from the list.

Leaving a form

The back button on your mobile device can be used to leave a form at any point. If you start a new form but decide that you do not want to keep it, press the back button and select Ignore Changes when prompted.

Step #2: Filling out a form

A form is filled out one screen at a time. Each screen will show one question unless a group field is used to display multiple fields on one screen.

To move between questions swipe your finger across the touch screen. To swipe your screen, touch on either the right or left side of the screen and drag your finger in the opposite direction, keeping your finger in contact with the screen as you move.

Swipe from right to left to advance to the next question. To return to the previous question reverse this motion and swipe from left to right.

Click on the screenshots below for a guided tour of starting a new form based on the "Geo Tagger" template that was created in Creating Form Templates.

At the start of the form

Taking a picture

Capturing GPS coordinates

Entering free-form text

Saving the form

Return to the form browser

The remainder of this tutorial assumes that you marked the form as complete.

Step #3: Resuming a form

Resuming or reviewing a draft or completed form is as simple as adjusting the task selector in the form browser to Browse Draft Data/Browse Completed Data and selecting the name of the form that you want to view.

Click on the following screenshots for a guided tour of resuming forms.

Browse Completed Data & select form

Start at the Go To Prompt screen

Browse through multiple records

Tip: using the last screen in a form to save it will return you to the form browser. If you are browsing multiple records and want to go to the next form after saving the current one, use Save Form in the option menu after making your change and then select Go To Prompt to move to the next form.

What's Next?

Now that you've filled out a form you'll probably want to get the data out of it so that you can use it in a spreadsheet or another system. Use our next tutorial to find out how to export form data.

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