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Installing GC Mobile & Staying Up-To-Date

This article will guide you through installing Group Complete Mobile for Android and offer tips to help you stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest release. We refer to Group Complete Mobile as GC Mobile throughout this and other help articles.

Looking to get started with our free plan or one of our premium plans? Follow these directions to get started. We'll have you up and running in less than five minutes!

What You Need

You'll need a smartphone or tablet running any version of Android 2.2 to 3.2 with access to the Android market. See our system requirements for details.

How To Get It

Pick one of the following options to install GC Mobile:

Visit Inform on the Android Market
  • If you have the barcode scanner app installed you can scan the image to the right to be taken to GC Mobile on the Android market

  • Visit GC Mobile on the Android Market on the web and install from there

  • Open Android Market on your smartphone or tablet and search for "Group Complete" or "Group Complete Mobile" — it should show up in your search results as "Mobile Forms by Group Complete."

Staying Up To Date

We release a new version of GC Mobile on the 15th of each month. Each release brings new features, bug fixes and other improvements. To make sure that you're using the latest and greatest we recommend that you choose one or more of the following options to stay up to date on what's happening with Group Complete.

#1: Use Android Market to Update Automatically

Use automatic updating to get new releases as soon as they become available

Using Android Market you can choose to have GC Mobile upgraded automatically as soon as new releases become available. This saves you the trouble of needing to check for new releases on a regular basis.

  1. Open the Market app and select My Apps from the option menu

  2. Select Mobile Forms by Group Complete from the list of apps

  3. Select the checkbox labelled Allow automating updating

#2: Follow us on Twitter

We post an update to Twitter when we make a new release. Follow us on Twitter @groupcomplete for updates on new releases & news on Group Complete.

#3: Read our Monthly Update

If you register an account with GC Mobile we will send you a brief update every month via email to highlight what's going on with Group Complete. We understand if you'd rather not receive these emails so we include a link to unsubscribe with each update that we send.

#4: Join our Community Forum!

Connect with the Group Complete community by joining our community forum at Google Groups to share tips, best practices and learn from others who are using Group Complete.

What's Next?

You'll need to create an account & register your device.

Group Complete

Group Complete was discontinued in March 2012 due to a change in direction at Radical Dynamic. This website has been kept intact as a sample of Group Complete's technology portfolio.

Source code for the Group Complete Android app has been published to Please be sure to read the README file if you intend on releasing derivative works!

Visit or follow @radicaldynamic for updates on other projects by Radical Dynamic.

Thank you for your interest in Group Complete!

Matt Adams
Founder, Radical Dynamic, @stuffbymatt