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Building Forms with GC Mobile:
Basic Field Properties

Each form field has several basic properties that allow you to customize the question and control the way that it works. Below is a list of these properties, the fields that they apply to and a brief description of their respective functions.

  • Label (all question types)

    The question caption as presented to the user. This should be a self-descriptive title for the field with no more than three to five words.

    • For regular groups that are used to organize related fields and groups that display multiple questions per screen, the label will be used as a header that appears above all fields in the group.

    • For repeated groups, the label will also be used as a question when the mobile worker is asked whether they wish to answer another group of repeated fields. We recommend experimenting with this text to come up with useful prompts for your repeated groups.

  • Description (all question types except for groups)

    Additional hints, help and instructions for this question that will be displayed when the user is filling out the field. Short sentences that are clear and to the point work best.

  • Default value (barcodes, dates, numbers, selectable lists and text fields)

    The value of the field first presented to the user when they see the question. Unless the question is also marked as Read-only the mobile user will be able to change the value. This is very useful where the answer to a question is likely to be the same in a large number of cases.

    • For single or multiple choice lists, one or more answers may be selected by default from the List Items screen. Choose List Items from the option menu when editing a selectable list to set default values.

  • Read-only (dates, numbers and text fields)

    This checkbox determines whether this field can be edited. This is usually used when you want to include a visible question in a form that will always have the same default value and be recorded along other user-supplied input.

  • Required (all question types except for groups)

    This checkbox determines whether this field must be filledā€in before continuing to the next question. All required questions in a form must be filled out before the form can be saved as complete. The presence of required questions will not prevent the user from saving an incomplete form as a draft.

  • Selection type (select from lists)

    The list selection type determines whether the user may choose one or multiple answers from the list.

  • List Items (select from lists)

    Also known as "options", items are the answers that are displayed for users to select from lists. Each list item contains a label that is displayed to the user for selection and a corresponding value that is stored when the answer is chosen. Values may be alphanumeric and based on the label (the default) or a custom value that you supply. Values may not include spaces.

    Items in single select fields may have at most one default value while and multiple select lists may have as many default values as there are answers. Items selected by default can be chosen in the Edit List Item dialog.

  • Media type (media fields)

    The media type preference allows form editors to choose what kind of input is accepted by the media field. Options include audio recordings (perfect for interviews or verbal notes), photographs (useful for all kinds of applications) and video recordings (useful where the capture of motion is essential to conveying information).

  • Date type (date & time fields)

    The date type preference allows form editors to choose what kind of date & time selection will be presented by a date field. Options include date-only, date & time and time-only input fields.

Group Complete

Group Complete was discontinued in March 2012 due to a change in direction at Radical Dynamic. This website has been kept intact as a sample of Group Complete's technology portfolio.

Source code for the Group Complete Android app has been published to Please be sure to read the README file if you intend on releasing derivative works!

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